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It’s very common for the search for care to throw up questions along the way. You aren’t alone in wondering about how care is funded or indeed how to go about choosing a care home and we’re sure you have other questions too! For this reason, we have tried to answer some of the frequently asked questions that crop up. We hope you find this resource helpful and informative.

Many people looking for care tell us that our team are very helpful, very informative and very caring. Please dip into our ‘advice hub’ whenever you need, but also please do take the opportunity to give us a call if we have a care home near you. Why not arrange to visit your nearest care home and see if we can help in any way?

Paying for care

Guidance on how to pay for your care, 
fees and funding

Choosing the right care home

Things to consider when looking for a care home

What is dementia?

Information and guidance about dementia, types of dementia and much more


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