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Four Seasons Health Care Group's approach to dementia care

Here at Four Seasons Health Care Group we believe in a positive, life enhancing approach which is demonstrated in exceptional experiences for our residents, delivered by teams who are committed to making a difference and providing care through positive relationships.

People living with dementia are no different to any of us in many important respects. We all share the basic human needs for shelter, food and warmth, to live safely, to have a sense of belonging in our family and social relationships, to feel valued and to lead full and interesting lives.

We recently introduced our new approach to Dementia Care into all our care homes.  This is supported by a large investment into our team, new approach to our dementia care and newly trained Dementia Champions in many homes leading dementia awareness, understanding and care for our residents.

Although dementia is a complex and progressive condition, we see it as our mission to ensure that everyone in our care is supported and is enabled to look forward to every day with us, and their wellbeing is maintained through enjoying the simple but essential pleasures of good food and company in a warm and homely environment.

Optician service within our home

We’ve teamed up with one of the country’s leading eye care specialists to offer residents a complimentary check-up from the comfort of the care home. This is particularly helpful for those with dementia as the check-up can be done in the safe and familiar environment of the home.  We are proud to offer eye-care to all our residents with an optician experience provided from within our care home. You can see this in action and read about our eye-care service here.

Four Seasons Health Care Group, finalists at The National Care Awards 2023

Our approach to Dementia Care was a finalist in the National Care Awards 2023.  We were shortlisted for ‘Business Initiative of the Year’.  We couldn’t be happier for our team members and for all of our Dementia Champions who have experienced and learnt from our approach.

Our Approach to Dementia Care

Our approach is supported by a wealth of materials and investment into our team knowledge and expertise. We have done the research, worked with Bournemouth University and created an approach to dementia which properly puts the individual resident at the heart of everything we do. What makes this different?  Our team focus on three crucial priorities:  communication & relationships, nutrition & hydration and environment. We explore each of these areas to ensure that the person living in our home has the very best quality of life and opportunity for happiness. You can find out more about why we focus on these priorities below.

Four Seasons Health Care Group's approach to dementia care

Not only do we focus on the right things, we have a team of dedicated people who lead our dementia provision in each home. These people are called Dementia Champions. Our Dementia Champions lead and influence our dementia care provided by every team member in their care home. Their role is to provide dementia leadership and to passionately champion our approach for the whole team  – including everyone from the laundry and kitchen team through to clinical and senior team.  You can find out more about our Dementia Champions below.

Four Seasons Health Care Group's Dementia Champions

All our homes offering dementia care are supported by our expert national dementia team who offer face to face training, expertise, latest best practice, remote guidance and support.

Why not pay us a visit?

To find out more about our approach, why not pay us a visit? We offer a range of care, from residential dementia support for people who need a little help with daily tasks, such as washing, dressing and taking medication, to nursing dementia care for those with long-term medical conditions or physical disabilities. We’ll create a personalised care plan for each individual, while our nursing teams are supported by a local GP and hospital consultant, making sure our residents receive the best care.

Our door is always open to give some friendly advice and provide you with the opportunity to look around so you can get peace of mind and feel more prepared for the next steps. You can meet our friendly and welcoming care teams dedicated to truly getting to know the people they care for. Click here to book a visit.

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Our Dementia Champions

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