Our Dementia Champions

As part of our approach to dementia care, we have created a programme to appoint dementia leaders in our homes called Dementia Champions who can lead and cascade our dementia approach to the entire team in each home.

Caring for someone with a dementia related condition can be vastly improved by understanding the types of dementia, along with the specific communication, environment and nutrition requirements of each individual.  The Dementia Champion programme includes a programme of four modules carried out over the course of 4-5 months. It is an interesting and stimulating programme, designed to inspire our team. The programme includes face-to-face training and workshops, guidance on running and leading an in-home programme for their own care home, a comprehensive manual and support from our expert Dementia Team. This is all backed up with peer support from other Dementia Champions in the group.  This important investment into our team means that we can reach every member of our care home team.

The benefits for residents and our team are evident from the results of homes participating in the Dementia Champion programme.

Four Seasons Health Care Group's approach to dementia care

Dementia Champions have been through a comprehensive and interactive programme of training to provide them with the skills and knowledge to lead the transformation of dementia care within their home. Our Dementia Champions are based in our homes where we provide care for those living with dementia, and support the team in the home to deliver person-centred dementia care based on three key areas of focus: Communication, Environment, and Nutrition and Hydration.

Four Seasons Health Care Group's Dementia Champions

The Dementia Champion training consists of a series of face to face learning experiences. A combination of learning and workshop sessions helps with the understanding of key concepts and embed the practical application of what’s been learnt. Champions are also supported by our specialist Dementia team and our National Dementia Lead.

Once trained, our Dementia Champions provide face to face experiential learning for their colleagues and facilitate workshops within their home for their team members. This in turn means that the wider team is then able to provide dementia care that aligns with our approach and provides more personalised care for each individual.

Four Seasons Health Care Group's approach to dementia care

Our Champions are able to then advise and coach our teams whilst also actively learning themselves, as well as supporting each other by sharing stories and feedback on their dedicated Dementia Champions Facebook group.

All of this results in a focus on the things that matter to each individual. A better understanding of dementia, how to communicate, how to support positive hydration and appetite and how the environment can impact on each individual. These are the little things in life that make a big difference to our residents.

These are the little things that underpin our approach to care – a commitment to getting to know you, focussing on you as an individual and what really matters.

Helping to raise awareness of our Dementia Approach

Four Seasons Health Care Group's approach to dementia care

Eddy the Teddy is our newest Dementia team member and he is currently touring our care homes as part of our dementia champion programme.  Eddy is on a mission to raise ‘abearness’ about our dementia approach with families and visitors and help the champions deliver their workshops. Eddy has already visited many of our homes and has settled in very well, bringing vibrancy and joy to our residents and teams.

Four Seasons Health Care Group's approach to dementia care

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