How to Pay for a Care Home

It can be a daunting and emotional time when you or a family member decides to move into a care home. Often the situation can be made more difficult by the complexities involved in funding the costs of care, the terminology and even how to apply for the various benefits available. Here are some simple guides that may help.

It’s important to get professional advice on the best way to fund the cost of care and we suggest that you take advice from a care fees expert to make sure that you have explored all the options available to you.  The information in these guides is correct at the time of writing, but because things change, please double check any details and take professional advice before making any financial or legal decisions.

Ways of paying for care

An overview of the four ways of funding care home fees

Care home funding, allowance and benefits available

We cover factors that will determine whether you are eligible or able to receive funding, plus the various benefits and allowances available.

How do I access care home funding?

The key routes to access care home funding and information about care home funding in your area.

What is NHS 'CHC' Continuing Health Care Funding?

NHS CHC is where the NHS agrees to pay for the nursing care component of a person’s nursing fees. Learn more about CHC and how to apply.

What are 'top up fees'?

A top up fee may be asked of when the local authority contribution doesn’t quite meet the cost of the care home fees.

What is 'FNC' funded nursing care?

NHS-funded nursing care (FNC) means that the NHS will cover designated nursing fees related to the nursing or medical care you receive from a registered nurse during your stay. Learn how to access FNC.

Financial FAQs

Check out our frequently asked questions when it comes to fees and funding.

Attendance Allowance: Am I eligible?

Need help with the Attendance Allowance Form? We've got you covered with our top tips

How to fill in the Attendance Allowance Form

Relax and read our top 10 tips for filling in the Attendance Allowance form

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