Food & Dining

Our meals are made to make you feel good

A little touch of luxury, a little touch of home, a little taste of something you fancy. Our extensive research into nutrition and diet means our menus are tailored to promote good health – they’re varied and full of locally sourced, seasonal, high quality ingredients. If you have any special dietary requirements, or preferences, please let us know and we’ll cater to them.


Peppers - fresh ingredients

Restaurant-style dining

Our dining rooms are always set to restaurant standards, with seasonal daily menus for you to make your selection. It’s a popular social time in our homes, where residents come together to share stories and enjoy the delicious food.

There’s always a choice for every course and there are snacks and light meals available any time. You decide where and when you eat, and are welcome to invite friends and family to join you, at a small charge.

Sunday roast in our care homes - nothing better

An insight into how our menus are developed

Our menus change daily on a 4 week cycle of seasonally balanced dishes. The 4 week cycle is changed twice a year through a very robust process, which includes feedback from a wide range of current residents.

Every home conducts a resident engagement session to gather all of the essential information from our residents on likes & dislikes on our current menu and any other information they can supply to help us develop the next menu.

Chicken and leek pie - a firm favourite

Firm favourites included on our menus

Based on this information a new menu template is developed and augmented with seasonal and family favourites. The first draft of the menu is then produced and this goes to our National Chef Forum Group where it is discussed in detail. If there are new dishes that have been requested by our residents the Chef Forum will then develop a recipe for each dish. If there are local dishes that have been requested by our residents that may not fit on a national menu,  the same process is followed except we would go back to the home that made the request to see if we can establish what is the local way of making this dish, this dish would then be placed on the specials menu.

Personalised menu & Saturday night takeaway

We also have a Specials Menu which is run alongside the main menu to allow chefs to personalise their service to their residents needs. Plus, our homes can offer a Saturday Takeaway Menu offering options similar to familiar ‘takeaway’ favourites.

Saturday Night Takeaway

The result is a great dining experience with meals for our residents to look forward to.


Our seasonal Menus

Eating well means living well, which is why nutritionally balanced meals are a vital part of our philosophy. We think it’s important to keep things fresh with our seasonal menus where you can find some delicious treats at your local Four Seasons Healthcare or brighterkind home! Our chefs have taken care to ensure residents receive flavourful, high-quality food and enjoyable dining experiences.

Over special days and holidays, to make dining extra special, our catering team not only serve delicious aromas, but also beautifully decorate the dining rooms and table setting for our residents to enjoy.

Kathleen birthday
Kathleen who turned 97 celebrated her birthday with several cakes. She is known for her colourful hats and wonderful laugh. Happy Birthday Kathleen

To keep things fresh, our menus offer seasonally balanced dishes and are carefully designed by our Chef Development team. Those with special dietary requirements need not worry. No matter how complex their needs, our experts will tailor the menu to provide tasty and nutritious alternatives, so that everyone can enjoy delicious tastes and aromas.

Special dietary requirements

Our chef teams are trained in the provision of specialist diets. We are able to provide soft or modified food to reduce the risk of swallowing. Our chefs aim to make ‘IDDSI’ or modified food choices look as appetising as possible.  Plus, if you have other dietary requirements or allergies, please have a chat with our care home manager and chef team to ensure we can support you.

*please note, that menus are subject to change. For more information about what we have on offer this week, please get in touch with your local care home.

National Four Seasons Health Care Group Bake Off Competition

Four Seasons Bake Off Competition

Each year we host a Bake Off competition to celebrate the exceptional baking skills from around the brighterkind and Four Seasons Health Care Group.

Chefs from around the Group are invited to take part, baking the fresh cakes their residents enjoy. Our latest winner comes from Harbour View a care home with a stunning view of the sea in Cumbria. Here’s a little taste of our 2022 Bake Off competition…

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