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A gift guide for people with dementia

Gifts for people with dementia

Thinking about getting your loved one with dementia a gift?

Knowing what gifts to buy your loved one with dementia can be a tricky task but one well worth doing. Selecting gifts for someone with dementia can demonstrate your care and understanding whilst also providing them with a gift that can stimulate their senses, promote comfort, and bring them joy.

It is important to pick a gift that is suited to your loved one’s tastes and changing abilities. You may want to consider what stage of dementia your loved one is at as there are different gifts to suit all stages. We have picked some of our favourite gifts for people with dementia that will be perfect for showing your care and understanding whilst also providing a stimulating, engaging, and comforting experience.

Jigsaw Puzzles

A jigsaw puzzle for people with dementia

Jigsaw puzzles are an excellent gift for loved ones with dementia. They offer an enjoyable activity that promotes both mental stimulation, and sociability, when played with others. You can pick a puzzle box depending on your loved one’s interests and hobbies. This is a great way of evoking fond memories whilst offering cognitive stimulation.

Jigsaw puzzles such as a 35-Piece puzzles can be a good option for those with early stages of dementia and 13-Piece can work for those in the mid stages of dementia. The specialised larger puzzle pieces can aid those that may struggle with tactile skills.

Digital Clock

A digital clock for people with dementia

A digital clock is a great gift for those in the early stages of dementia as they can aid in overcoming practical challenges and any difficulties with memory. These clocks are highly accessible for those with dementia as their large clock faces are clear and easy to read. This can help to give a person with dementia a sense of comfort and understanding when they are feeling confused.

Memory Box

A memory box for people with dementia

Memory boxes are the perfect gift to show your care and understanding to your loved one with dementia. You can create this from scratch full of nostalgic shared memories, experiences, and lots of photographs. This is an amazing way to forge strong connections and heartfelt conversation starters.

If your loved one is in a care home then this gift will be even more special as it can help them to establish their new living space as a home that holds all their well loved trinkets and possessions.

Fidget Widget Tools

Fidget tools for people with dementia

Fidget tools are an excellent option for those with later stages of dementia. Relish and the Alzheimer’s Society worked collaboratively to create fidget widgets that offer different motions such as twisting, turning, sliding, rolling, and spinning.

These tools are a great way of fostering tactile stimulation which can aid focus and engagement. In addition, they have a calming effect and can distract individuals from distressing thoughts or situations.

Painting Kits

A painting kit for people with dementia

Painting kits are a great option for those in the mid stages of dementia. Not only is painting a perfect way to get creative and have fun but it can also serve as a therapeutic outlet for emotions. These dementia friendly paint kits from Relish only require water and a paintbrush for the colours to appear!

All of these wonderful dementia gifts are available to shop on https://relish-life.com and https://shop.alzheimers.org.uk/

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