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Making friends as you get older

Is making friends possible as you get older?

Friendship is a bond that can be formed gradually or in an instant. We may not always see our friends as much as we would like, but we know they are there for us through thick and thin and your relationship will feel the same as soon as you see them.

When we are working and have busy family lives, these positives can also be a barrier to forming new friendships or feeling like socialising. However once these responsibilities have lessoned, it can pave the way for new friendships. We find that many of our residents naturally find others who they enjoy chatting with, socialising with and in some cases they establish joyful longer term friendships.

What do friends mean to our residents and why they are so important?

Having a friend is important throughout life and especially so in later years, when mobility is limited and there isn’t the same opportunities to ‘go out’ with friends. When we think about the best moments of our lives, rarely do we recount a time involving no one but ourselves. Our desire to socialise never goes away and supporting that need is crucial to enjoying a long and happy life.

Friends of our residents are always welcome to come and spend quality time with an old pal. A care home setting can eliminate other stresses such as grocery shopping, preparing meals or cleaning and you can enjoy a proper catch-up over a brew. It is also the perfect place to create new friendships and rekindle a love of socialising.

At Four Seasons Health Care Group, we understand the importance of friendships in helping our residents feel a sense of belonging and being connected. Our activities programme, mealtimes and communal rooms provide plenty of opportunity for our residents to get together, socialise and enjoy each other’s company from which new friendships may blossom.  

Coming for a short stay can be the start of something special and mean that you make contacts and new friends during your stay.

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