Making the Final Decision About a Care Home

Finding the right care home is a significant decision, often accompanied by feelings of uncertainty and apprehension. To assist you in navigating this decision and ensuring a choice that is right for you and your loved one, we’ve complied answers to commonly asked questions.

Our guidance covers everything from clarifying fees and funding to detailing the array of activities and culinary offerings available in our homes.

What do the fees cover?

Our comprehensive fees are designed to cover all aspects of your stay, ensuring a nurturing and engaging environment for a fulfilling life.

  • Around-the-Clock Care: You can rest assured that our dedicated team are always at hand, ready to support your needs day and night with compassion and expertise.
  • Food & Dining: Enjoy delicious and nutritious meals from our seasonal menus inspired residents’ feedback.
  • Magical Moments: From social events and fitness programs to cultural outings, we offer a range of activities to keep you engaged and enhance your quality of life.

What don’t the fees cover?

We believe in transparency, and our fees cover the essentials for a fulfilling and comfortable life with us. There are no hidden costs or surprises – just straightforward pricing that reflects our commitment to providing exceptional care in a welcoming community.  Typically personal things like dry cleaning, newspapers and magazines, hairdressing are things that you will pay for yourself.  Your personal care, utilities, housekeeping, food and dining and most of our Magic Moments programme will be covered by your fees.  The full details of what’s included and any extras can be found on each care home Key Information section.

Are there any extras?

Your journey to living a vibrant and fulfilling life in our care homes should be as smooth as possible, and we’re committed to providing exceptional care that promotes wellbeing and happiness.

Our communal areas and shared spaces are designed to facilitate interaction. You’ll find inviting lounges, beautiful gardens, and cosy corners where residents gather to chat, play games, or simply enjoy each other’s company.

Fees and funding for care

What help can I get financially to pay for care?

If you or your loved one is considering a move to one of our care homes, government support may be available to help with the funding of care:

  • Local Authority Funding: The local authority conducts a means test to understand your financial situation, ensuring that the support you receive is tailored to your circumstances. This assessment considers income, savings, and assets to determine the level of financial assistance you may be eligible for.
  • NHS Continuing Healthcare: In cases where complex medical needs require specialised care, residents may be eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare. This scheme goes beyond standard care, fully funding the cost, including accommodation, for individuals with significant healthcare requirements.
  • Attendance Allowance: For residents aged 65 and over who require assistance with personal care due to physical or mental health conditions, Attendance Allowance provides a valuable non-means-tested benefit. This support contributes to care costs, ensuring individuals receive the care they need.

It’s important to get professional advice on the best way to fund the cost of care and we suggest that you take advice from a care fees expert to make sure that you have explored all the options available to you.

In order to make life easier we have contacted a national care fees planning specialist, Symponia who are dedicated to the financial issues of later life, in particular the payment of care fees. Through Symponia’s network of carefully selected and qualified financial advisers they offer you and/or your family member empathic, bespoke advice on the best way to fund weekly care fees. This approach ensures that not only are all our residents and their families aware of the legislation and how it works but they are able to explore all the financial options available to them.

Visit our Advice Hub to access helpful guides on how to pay for a care home.

If my care needs change, do I have to move to another care home?

As residents’ care needs evolve, we adjust our services accordingly. Our goal is to provide person-centred care that enhances your quality of life. We will work closely with you and your family as well as local health professionals to understand your changing needs and do everything to accommodate those needs within our care homes.

Sometimes, where your evolving needs may be better suited to a different care setting, we approach the decision with care, empathy, and consideration. If relocating to another home is determined to be the most suitable option for your wellbeing, we guide and support the transition seamlessly. The decision is always made in collaboration with you, your family, and relevant healthcare professionals, ensuring that the move, if necessary, is handled with sensitivity and compassion.

The care staff have been very attentive

with my needs

What activities are there that I will be able to take part in?

We believe that a fulfilling social life is about enjoying activities you love. Our Magic Moments Coordinators take the time to understand your interests, delivering stimulating activity that aligns with your preferences and encourages all-round wellbeing. Whether you’re an avid reader, a music lover, or someone who enjoys the arts, our teams provide ever-changing activity programmes to stimulate the Mind, Body and Soul.

What if  I can’t join in activities?

Our Magic Moments team create activity programmes inspired by residents’ interests and capabilities. From one-to-one activities and reminiscing sessions to enjoying our Magic Moments Portal and sensory activities, we ensure every resident can enjoy vibrant activities that bring them joy and fulfilment.

Can you support specific diets?

Our menus are created with diversity in mind, offering a wide range of options to suit various tastes and dietary requirements. From vegetarian and pescatarian choices to accommodating specific dietary restrictions including ‘IDDSI’, our goal is to provide a menu that meets nutritional needs and feels like you’re dining at your favourite restaurant.

Whether due to changing health conditions or personal preferences, we work closely with you to adjust menus and meal plans.

What are the meal options?

Our culinary team crafts a daily menu that reflects the comfort of traditional home cooking. From hearty comfort foods to lighter, more adventurous options, we strive to provide a variety of meal choices to suit every palate.

We understand everyone has unique tastes and culinary favourites, and we’re dedicated to incorporating those preferences into your daily meals to make dining special.

Can I visit my relative at any time of the day or night?

We encourage and welcome visits from loved ones anytime, creating an environment that promotes meaningful connections and a sense of familiarity.  The home may suggest that you visit outside mealtimes to protect the dignity and privacy of other residents. However if you wish to visit at a mealtime, we can always arrange for your loved one to have their meal in their room or another suitable location while you visit. We have more information about daily living in a care home and visiting, along with how to recognise our team roles and responsibilities.

Whether it’s chatting over a cuppa, spending quality time in communal areas, or joining in activities, our care homes are designed to be inviting spaces where residents can create lasting memories with their loved ones.

What happens if my relative doesn’t settle well?

We understand that the transition to a new home can be an adjustment and that’s why our Home to Home Promise is our commitment to do everything we can to ensure their comfort and happiness.

We listen to the unique needs of each resident and take steps to make accommodations that promote a sense of belonging. Whether it’s adjusting the living space, tailoring care plans, or introducing activities that align with their interests, we strive to create an environment where every resident feels genuinely welcomed and at home.

What if I don’t have any family/friends to support me with my finances and move-in?

Moving into a care home is a significant change, and we recognise that not everyone has family or friends to support them with financial matters or their move into our care homes.

Financial Assistance: If you require support in managing your finances, we have contacted a national care fees planning specialist, Symponia who are dedicated to the financial issues of later life, in particular the payment of care fees.

If you or a loved one is considering moving to one of our care homes and requires additional support due to the absence of family or friends, please get in touch with us. Our caring team is here to discuss your unique situation, explore available options, and provide assistance for a positive and supported living experience.

The care home is a

home in so many ways

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