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Our Magic Moments programme encourages all round wellbeing, so we are always looking for new ways to engage our residents and offer activities that help them live life to the full.  We listen to the needs and interests of residents and create new fun ideas and opportunities for them to engage with and enjoy.

We have a dedicated team who focus on developing our activities programme and who also review the provision of activities within our homes. This team support and develop our service with feedback from our wider team, residents and also by working in partnership with specialists to introduce new and stimulating activities.

Our current partnerships support and develop our daily programme of live events including dancing, French or Spanish classes, Photography, the Four Seasons Radio Show and Quizzes. Our partnerships with experts danceSing, Eldercate and Oomph! offer something for every interest.

The variety we have on offer for residents is constantly growing. Don’t worry if you haven’t caught a live show, all our live events also available on catch up.

More time for residents

We have recently introduced digital resident activity documenting to enable our team to spend more quality time with residents. We can record which activities your loved one likes doing most and thereby offer a more personalised approach to our activities. The digital recording is super quick to operate, freeing up our activities team to spend more time with your loved one and creating magic moments every day.

Magic Moments at Four Seasons Health Care Group


Our partnership programme enriches what we offer to residents

danceSing at Four Seasons Health Care Group

This year we have partnered with danceSing, a company that offers unique and innovate music and movement classes for care homes and the care community. Developed in consultation with NHS healthcare professionals, the classes involve music and singing sessions as well as chair-based dancing and fitness.

We spoke to Natalie, the Founder, Director and Movement Leader of danceSing, to find out more about their programme.

“At danceSing we believe that everyone should be offered opportunities during their day to participate in meaningful activity that promotes their health and mental wellbeing. It doesn’t matter what your current fitness level is, or how fit you have been in the past. It is all about the experience, having fun and making a difference to your overall wellbeing. We want to emphasise that it is never too late to make a commitment to improve your health and fitness.”

Since the classes were rolled out in our homes, we have already had great feedback from residents and team members.“During the sessions, myself and my colleague will stand at the front and follow along with the actions on the screen. The residents love this as it helps encourage and inspire them to join in”. Bella, Magic Moments Coordinator.


eldercate in partnership with Four Seasons Health Care Group


Our weekly Spanish classes, Photography and French classes are led by the team at Eldercate, who specialise in online courses for the older learner. All their online education sessions are interactive, engaging and keeps the mind active, which is essential for overall well-being.

Oomph in partnership with Four Seasons Health Care Group

Out partnership with the award winning Oomph! Program is another way in which we stimulate the Mind Body and Soul. Residents in our homes regularly take part in these fun and effective exercise sessions that are designed with older adults in mind. Oomph! Exercises are chair-based exercises that are set to music and use props such as pom poms and colourful scarves that really bring the sessions to life.

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